instructions for the RC Aircraft Forum


Using the club forum

Important points


When inserting content, stack all content with no vertical white space, after previewing you can shift down content to suit.

Posting video

All video must first be hosted on Youtube in order to display on our website.
You only need to use the address from the address bar, as the video is automatically embedded into the page.
There is a difference when copying the address from your Youtube account. In the Youtube account, the address of the video may be displayed as []
The [&t=11s] portion could be because the video had already run for 11 seconds, so if copied, this part of the address will prevent the video from loading. If you can't see the video in the preview... there is something wrong.

What is SEO

SEO is Search engine optimization, where key words help the website and content to appear on search engine listings. The better the SEO, the easier it is for searchers to find our site on a google search (quadcopter Auckland )

Other things that can help SEO is using key words in file names. Filenames must not contain caps or spaces, so an image name can be rc-powered-glider.jpg for example.

Keywords we like

The more traffic that uses the forum the better the website will rank with google.